guys can no longer submit

sorry but i’ve changed my mind and i want this to be an all-girl blog from now on

all the submitted pictures of guys that are in my ask will be posted normally, but i won’t accept any new submissions

i’m so sorry, but i can recommend some blogs for you where you can submit to, if you like <3

23rd December, Friday (10:33pm) Reblog +

anyway my aunty’s been sick and she had to go hospital so i’ve had a lot of shit happening. i haven’t been on for a while and i know this kind of stuff keeps getting in the way of my internet life but bear with me. there are still some things in the queue for this blog and i’ll top it up now but the submissions will remain closed until at least tomorrow night.

15th November, Tuesday (2:06am) Reblog +

stop adding shit like “i hope im good enough to be posted” because you are

i think all girls are beautiful and i’ve said it a thousand fucking times: the only reasons your picture would not be posted are listed in the submission guidelines and in the faq. from now on, i’m deleting that type of comment from submissions, so you better stop adding them.

2nd November, Wednesday (2:05am) Reblog +

i started this blog the other day and i don’t know if you’d be interested but it’s about floral print stuff (which is my favourite thing ever). so here’s the link for you

and i think you should go follow it

there’s not heaps up at the moment because it’s like a week old but i think its pretty great


21st October, Friday (12:47am) Reblog +

i might do a small spam of things in the queue right now because you keep bugging me about speeding it up

so a few of you will have the chance to see your picture right now! :)

20th October, Thursday (10:34am) Reblog +

submissions are back on

go nuts

14th December, Wednesday (1:21am) Reblog +

so i have this idea, to do a “submission sunday” where all i post on sunday is submissions. how does this sound? would you like me to do it, or would you rather i keep doing the regular thing?

2nd November, Wednesday (6:07pm) Reblog +

shit ive been so lazy with this blog ugh

i’m working on it right now

2nd November, Wednesday (12:17am) Reblog +

there you go, a little spam for you

should i start doing this more often?

20th October, Thursday (10:40am) Reblog +
submissions are now open!

i only have about 30 submissions left to queue but that’s enough to deal with, and im ready to accept new submissions! go ahead and start submitting!

16th October, Sunday (8:51pm) Reblog +